Born to be wild

There is one thing about the Declaration of Independence of the United States that I appreciate more and more with every day. It states that the pursuit of happiness is an unalienable right of every human being. To live a life in this manner and to make it – among other values - the basis of political system hits the nail on the head. Follow your dreams and allow others to follow their, this is how we all get along. For me, this means feeding my curiosity for the paradises our planet has to offer, to explore and enjoy the world in its full scope and depth. Travel and photograph new and dear places – at least part time - is a mode of living that comes close to the pursuit of happiness that Jefferson and his companions considers so central.

This mode of living is challenged with the arrival of a child – in the best manner imaginable. Both following the itch to explore the wild and raising a child are all-or-nothing adventures. I thought that combining these delighting occupations would be perfect. Our child would be as adventurous as we are and follow our footsteps around the world, that’s the idealistic theory. In fall 2014 we gave this theory a try and embarked on a four week journey through Ontario and New England with our then almost two year old daughter. Fingers crossed that she was born to be wild!

I’ve written a report about our adventures and I encourage you to read it at Thanks to Meghan Ward for letting me publish it in her blog.