Far Side Of The World

Beauty and inspiration is all around us. It can be found right at everyone's doorstep as well as in remote corners of the world. It is in the human nature, however, to be attracted by the things one does not see and experience every day around the corner. This is where the travel itch is rooted; and I feel it strongly. Northern Germany does not offer spectacular mountains, deserts, canyons, glaciers, rainforests and many many more sights.

This collection of photographs stems from one of the journeys I untertook in order to feed the travel troll. It lead me to an end of the world, the southernmost tip of the African Continent. The Western Cape of South Africa is an incredibly diverse region boasting with dream beaches, the incomparable Table Mountain, spectacular cliffs, an appealing floral ecosystem, high mountains, lakes and streams and much more. I've spent some intense ten days in this photographers paradise; ten days that did not cure my desire to travel to far flung places, but rather fueled it.